Moving from Australia to the USA!


Home country: Australia

New home: New Mexico, USA

Why did you decide to move abroad?

I was working a corporate job in Melbourne - my life was "perfect". But I had this inner knowing that I had a Life Purpose and it was out there waiting for me to discover. So I mustered my courage, quit my job, sold/gave away almost everything owned and went backpacking. Within a year of unstructured travel I came across the Avatar Course in New Zealand. Almost straight away I knew this was my calling and that I wanted to teach this incredible course about exploring consciousness and mindfulness. To do that I had to go to the States because it was based in Orlando, Florida. I arrived in the US and immediately and unexpectedly fell in love with it. I met so many lovely people and saw how truly beautiful the country was. I didn't want to leave so I made it my home and embraced my calling. It has been a wonderful adventure.

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What has surprised you most about living in a foreign country?

How kind, generous and sweet people are in general. I think the media presents the world to be a scary, hostile place but that has not been my experience at all. On the daily I meet beautiful, genuine people who are working to make the world a better place.

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What do you miss most about home?

Family, beaches, health care, jobs market and food.

What are your favorite activities in your new town?

Visiting National Parks

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What advice would you give to tourists visiting your new home town?

Get outside!

What is the one MUST SEE?

Havasupai Falls

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Best day trip

Up into the Taos Ski Mountains

Any cultural/language barrier funny moments?

I had to learn to speak very slowly and clearly so that Americans could understand me

first month abroad; new mexico, expat, move, relocate, usa

What's next?

Currently road-tripping through National Parks. Next trip is from Southern Oregon to Denver, Colorado via Yellowstone National Park. I'm teaching the Avatar Course in Denver so I need to be there by mid-August.

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