Would you like eggs with your vinegar? South Africa to Spain!



Home country: South Africa

New country: Spain

Why did you decide to move abroad?

My husband and I have always wanted to leave South Africa and live on an island. After a research trip two years ago we settled on Palma De Mallorca and thought why not make the move after our destination wedding.

I have never lived abroad permanently but did spend my younger years working as a model in different countries for 3 months at a time. I have had the privilege to spend time in Paris, Rome, Bangkok, Taipei and India.

What has surprised you most about living in a foreign country?

As this was my first time moving abroad I was extremely nervous and excited.

My only concern was making sure my animals can come along with us and they will be joining us end of October, I cannot wait. In order for animals to travel out of South Africa it is a long process and I would advice anyone to start as soon as possible once you decide to move.

Next important thing on the list is learn Spanish we thought we would be alright to start with the little bit of Spanish we had....oh we were wrong, but we will get there.

What do you miss most about home?

My Mom. We are super close and I have always been close to her so this is very difficult for me. And then my beautiful animals. They will be here soon though which makes me happy.

What are your favorite activities in your new town?

Exploring the Island and finding the town where we will hopefully find our forever home. Next me and my husband enjoy learning about the new culture and spend every Saturday going and doing something new.

Any cultural/language barrier funny moments?

We have had many considering that we have zero percent Spanish.

My favourite one actually happened before I arrived, as my husband came two weeks ahead of me. The Sunday morning he had woken up and decided he will do a fried egg for breakfast. Once he poured some "oil" in the pan he smelt the oil smelt off but left it. After a few seconds he realized that he had bought vinegar instead of oil... "no biggie" he thought to himself as he had some butter. Popped it in the pan went and got the eggs and as he cracked the egg he realized he had purchased a pre-cooked hard boiled egg. Needless to say he was not happy about this morning at all.

What's next?

Our plan for this year to get settled I am hoping to start studying early next year again while starting my blog. For now we will just enjoy the time learning about our new home.